Dragon Age 4 is happening!

We fans have waited years for the continuation of a beloved RPG. Dragon Age Inquisition left us with more questions than answers and, for some of us, the undying urge to punch Solas in the face (again).

Though the teaser trailer is short- barely over a minute- it certainly is sending the hype train onto the right track.

Theories are already circulating about the hidden messages inside and several tumblr users have already pointed out the obvious one.

On the left is the Red Lyrium Idol from the second game. If you’re familiar with the series you know that this idol made characters go insane and even turned one of them into a statue of pure red lyrium. Last we saw it had been reshaped into a sword that may or may not have ended up in the hands of the Inquisitor as the unique item named “Certainty”. It’s item description just proves how creepy this thing can actually be. 

A sword of deepest corruption and conviction, it cannot be the red lyrium blade that drove Kirkwall’s Knight-Commander Meredith to madness. It cannot have been reborn in arcane energies somehow elven and Tevinter and Blight intertwined. And it cannot have been inspired in the name of a magister who once entered heaven and would dare so again. One wonders what this sword cannot be next, in the hands of the Inquisitor, if he/she is not careful.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Now look to the right image. That is the item the trailer spends an entire 40 seconds focusing on. These two items are identical. So this can’t help but beg the questions “What happened to the sword?” and “What does it have to do with Solas?”. 

My personal theory is that the sword is going to show up again and be important in stopping Solas’s plans. But I’m sure fans will soon come up with more probable and interesting theories than that.

All I know is that I cannot wait to play this game.

Teen Titans: Young, Wild, and Dangerous – Chapter: 1

Damian Wayne, Robin, thirteen years old as of today. Most kids, on their thirteenth birthdays, would be celebrating with their parents and other relatives. Damian didn’t have that luxury. His father was on a Justice League mission, his mother was- well…his mother. And the rest of his blood relatives were not the sort of people he would even want to see. So, instead, he had Alfred. He appreciated Alfred, at least. The man had baked him a cake from scratch, made sure that at least someone had remembered that it was his birthday.

Damian would like to say he didn’t blame his father, that he understood why he wasn’t there, that next year will be different. But that’s what he told himself last year. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Damian was a second thought, someone who was only relevant when he needed an extra pair of hands on deck. So much for Batman and Robin the Dynamic Duo of Gotham.

But Batman wasn’t the only team that Robin had in the past. Both Grayson and Drake had their Titans, and Young Justice before they split into the two distinct groups. Their own team of elite superheroes who the Justice League just refused to take seriously. He could form his own but that required Damian having friends. Besides, the Titans are still banned in New York, and Drake still led Titans west. But they weren’t the only Titans group in operation and Damian saw no reason why there couldn’t be one more. So who on it? Jon and Maya were obvious choices; as much as he didn’t like Jon he had to admit his powers would prove useful. So who else? Suren, an obvious choice, he should be surrounding himself with trusted allies especially if he’s going to be around Jon. Alright. That was four. They needed a fifth member. Someone who can be versatile, fill roles that the others couldn’t. Someone who will balance the others but won’t try to push Damian out of being leader.

There was the newest Green Lantern, she was about the right age and her powers were incredibly versatile if she had the imagination to use it. But she was brash, reckless, and Damian wasn’t so sure she’d handle well with taking orders. Besides, as of now, she was still with another group of Titans, alongside her brother Blue Beetle. It’d be hard to pry her away but Damian believed he’d be able to.

But there was no point in forming a team unless there was some enemy for them to face. After all, the Justice League didn’t form simply as asocial club. He’d have to shelf his plan for now, until the next time he faces something he can’t defeat on his own.

So, Damian headed back to his room, the new sketchbook Alfred gave him for his birthday tucked under his arm, only to stop when he noticed the neatly wrapped package waiting on his bed. Did his father actually remember him? Or was it from Grayson? Either was theoretically possible, or it was right up until Titus took a sniff of it and started to growl. If Titus didn’t trust it there was noway Damian was going to. Carefully, he approached the present and pulled the top of the box off only to have to hold back a gag as the smell of decaying corpse reached his nose. You can be raised around death your entire life, but the smell of it never stops being disgusting. He steeled himself, brushing the poor robin aside and pulling out the carefully written letter.

You’re only alive to celebrate your birthday because I have allowed it. Come home. The time has come for you to fulfill your destiny. Or die.

“Grandfather.” Damian snarled through gritted teeth. It didn’t take the greatest detective on Earth to know who had left the package.

So much for waiting for a crisis, one has already reared its ugly head.But this was one he could deal with on his own. His grandfather was a man to reckon with, but his threat was empty. He had no wish to see Damian dead. To do so would rid him of any chance to steal Damian’s body. Still, the letter did trouble him. There were worse things Ra’s Al Ghul could threaten, so why pick death? A threat Damian knew he wouldn’t go through with. As for his destiny…Damian was fairly certain he had undone most of that along with the Year of Blood, the only part still standing was-

“Oh no.” The realization hit him like a truck and he was darting from the room, racing for the Batcave and his Robin gear. The Demon’s Fist. They’d be graduating this year. He had to find them. Had to find their targets. They had been his team to lead, and now their graduation project could very well rid him of someone important.After all, it was no secret to the League of Shadows where Damian was, who he was with, who he might have grown to care for. If anyone knew who the Fist would be targeting, it would be his mother.

“Goliath.” Damian woke the slumbering beast with a snap. “We need to hurry.” Goliath would like their next destination, Bialya, where his mother still sat on a warlord’s throne.

Rowan Wayne

My DC OC Rowan Todd Wayne aka Little Red.

Adopted at an incredibly young age, Rowan and her twin brother Flynn grew up in a loving home but also with the knowledge that sometimes their parents just wouldn’t come home for days, or weeks, at a time. Their fathers loved them but they also had obligations to the world as superheroes, or in Jason’s case; Outlaws. When she was twelve years old Rowan was tired of being left on the sidelines and worrying to death on if this will be the day they don’t make it back for good. Against her fathers’ wishes, she and her brother donned capes and masks and became the vigilantes Little Red and the Redjay.

Not pictured is Rowan’s collapsible staff and miniature crossbow.

12/04/18 Fresh Start.

With all the craziness going on with tumblr I’ve decided to start fresh here. I will be posting my writing, my art, and my thoughts on life, witch craft, fandom, and current events. This website is proving to have a bit of a learning curve but I’ll figure it out eventually.

Right now, let me introduce myself. My pen name is Birdie Aslan and I am a fantasy writer and film student located in the DFW metroplex. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and have never been out of the United States. My great grandfather immigrated here from Turkey during the Armenian Genocide and I am very proud of my Armenian-American heritage.

I grew up in a family of geeks. Both my parents work with computers and have been life long science fiction fans. My childhood tv shows were Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Stargate. I was an avid reader as a child and often found myself lost in the worlds of Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter. When I was four years old my older cousins introduced me to anime and video games. I fell in love with Digimon, Pokemon, and Zelda. To me this was just what the world was. The world was make believe and fantasy and the rules were mine to make.

In fourth grade I was diagnosed with ADHD and my teacher flat out told my parents he would not teach an un-medicated ADHD child. It was the first time I realized that life had real limitations and that I was different from the children around me. My parents tried their best to help me without medicating me and I hated it. I hated being sat down and forced to try and focus. I hated study sessions with my mother. I rebelled, I screamed, and I cried. I didn’t want to be different and I didn’t want to special attention.

Doing this shot myself in the foot. By high school I was barely a C averaging student. I graduated high school by the skin of my teeth and thought I’d be able to fly through college the same way. That isn’t what happened. I failed my entire second semester and my parents told me they wouldn’t pay for any more until I make those classes up myself.

I left school and I went to work. My first job paid $7.15/h for baking cookies and stocking shelves. I didn’t mind it at first. My manager encouraged me to eat a couple cookies a shift and I got to help costumers make orders for cakes. Not all the costumers were nice but over all they were polite so long as I kept on my duties. One night my work load doubled without warning and my rush to finish it all in time resulted in my first anxiety attack. It felt like my entire self was shattering and I was there trying to hold the pieces together as they continued to fall. I couldn’t handle it and I quit on the spot.

I found my next job months later at Panda Express and I liked that job too. It was $10/h and I got free lunch the days I worked. My manager was strict but fair and, despite my initial stumbling, I became her best employee. That turned out to be a bad thing. Every day she put me in the drive thru and I was forced to work the lunch rush sometimes without any help. My anxiety got worse and that made my depression worse. Every day I was teetering on the edge of a break down and my health began to suffer. But, I had learned my lesson with my first job and knew not to just quit. I gave my two week notice and left.

After that I went to Amazon and it was the worst job I ever worked. I made $11.50/h but the work was fast paced and physically hard. I ended up with chronic pain and the worse depressive spiral in my life but I kept at it. I even went back to school during this and managed to make new friends while working there. I worked so hard that I became sick. I ended up with the flu and it lasted over a month because I didn’t have time to rest. I exhausted my time off options and then had to go into work while sick. I spent an entire week getting paid to throw up in the bathroom before the managers decided that I was taking too much time “off task” and I got fired.

I was now 23 years old without a college degree, without a job, and with no future in sight. After long consideration I decided to go back to school full time after getting a job at my sister’s work.

My new job allows me to study on shift and it’s not physically draining or intellectually draining. I do good work there and am paid well and as I write this I’m a week away from my last final exam of the Fall 2018 semester. My life is slowly getting better and I’m learning how to recover from my past mistakes. All in all I think I’m doing fine.